About Live Event Painting

Laura will come to your wedding, corporate party, musical act, fundraiser or gala with a blank canvas and paint the scene as it unfolds, an innovative attraction that your guests will love.

Depending on the type of event, Laura offers two forms of event painting. 

Representative event painting, done mostly at weddings or other private parties, describes the process of Laura painting that which she sees in the room, meaning your party, your guests, your ballroom, your event!  

Interpretive event painting is when Laura paints a combination of subject matter from your event along with other symbols, thoughts, and imagery that she thinks would fit in with your event's theme!


Why hire an event painter?

Upon hiring Laura for your special event, you will be able to "wow" your crowd in a way that they have never seen before.  This is not just a painting, but a form of event entertainment!  Guests are invited to watch Laura paint and ask questions or mingle if they wish.

Not only does this provide entertainment for the night, but you will also get to keep a beautiful piece of art that you can hang in your home or business that will last forever.



Contact Laura for a free consultation and to brainstorm all of the creative possibilities for your event!  There are several packages available for your event, starting at $850.  Laura will work with you when it comes to price.


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