About Laura D. Zajac

I am interested in the consciousness of animals and other beings and how we all fit together on this earth.
Simultaneously, I want to provide beautiful, unique art that brings meaning to a space.

After earning a degree in studio art from Pennsylvania State University, I explored abstract and extreme subject matter. It wasn't until purchasing a house that I realized my true mission and potential.  I wanted a modern space and I knew that I had to be creating the type of work that I wanted to hang in my own home.  Going back to my roots of painting animals, I have been able to modernize the subject matter that I love the most.  Each piece I create is made with high quality materials and thoughtfulness.

Artist Statement

Raw, earthy, and gritty coincide with modern contemporary in my work. Drips fall from my figures; paint is applied with various tools aside from a brush.  The intention of my organic shapes is to remind the viewer that we are a part of nature, not removed from it.  I am highly influenced by the natural flow of the earth and the connectedness of all beings.


Fox Chase Cancer Center 

Fulton Bank

Vetri Foundation

SS United States Conservancy

World of Animals/ Red Paw

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Visitors' Bureau