About Laura

My contemporary work tells a story that I hope many can connect with. I am interested in the consciousness of animals and other beings and how we all fit together on this earth.

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My artwork is now featured on Wayfair!  Check it out here:  Laura D. Zajac on Wayfair

Featured Work - new sea creature series!

Live Event Painting!

For a new way to capture your party or event, book Laura D. Zajac for a memorable form of artistic entertainment that will "wow" your guests!

Laura will come to your wedding, corporate party, musical act, fundraiser or gala with a blank canvas and paint the scene as it unfolds, an astonishing act of talent that your guests will love.  Laura not only paints what she sees in the room, but adds her own artistic touch to the painting.  The end result is a unique blend of realistic representation with expressive qualities. 

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